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Defining napsterization

...disintermediating hierarchies
...decentralizing incumbent control
...interconnected user networks

Google: napsterization

50 Ways to Set a Standard
Don't Copy That Floppy by The Software Publishers Association (1992)

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Media Coalition: Defending the First Amendment Right to Produce Expressive Works
Protect Fair Use.org: protecting consumer's fair use in the digital age

Media Rights.org
On Demand Distribution (Peter Gabriel)

Can the Film Industry Prevent the Napsterization of Movies? Mike Goodman, Media & Entertainment Strategies, Research and Consulting (The Yankee Group, 2002-2003)
Napster Fabbing Internet Delivery of Physical Products, Marshall Burns and James Howison (Fabbers.com, 2/16/01)
Artists Speak Out to support music sharing
Courtney Love Does the Math transcript of Courtney Love speech to the Digital Hollywood online entertainment conference, given in New York on May 16. (Salon, June 14, 2000)
Statement of Matt Johnson of "The The" on record companies and Digital Audio (EFF, June 7, 2000)
The Napsterization of B2B Andrew McAfee (Harvard Business Review, November 1, 2000)


The Napsterization of Intellectual Property by Moses Ma (pdf)
the 'napsterization' of the european content industry, a scenario for 2005 by Lucien Rapp (the journal of policy, regulation and strategy for telecommunications information and media, vol.2, no.6 december.2000. pp. 537
Bootleg Culture, Powerful computers and easy-to-use editing software are challenging our conceptions of authorship and creativity. As usual, the entertainment industry doesn't like this one bit. Pete Rojas (Salon, August 1, 2002)
The Top Ten Effects of XRBL: The Future of Internet Reporting, defines napsterization as: "the peer to peer exchange of information" in reference to all digital media including financial media (p4). Zachary Coffin (2001)

How to get napsterized?

Terry Fisher's Copyright and Distribution Speech (A Copyfighter's Musings, January 13, 2003)
Terry Fisher's Proposal: PROMISES TO KEEP: Technology, Law, and the Future of Entertainment (latest draft: March 22, 2003,)
Taking the Copy Out of Copyright, Ernest Miller and Joan Feigenbaum (Proceedings of the 2001 ACM Workshop on Security and Privacy in Digital Rights Management, vol. 2320, Springer, Berlin, 2002, pp. 233-244)
Toward a “New Deal” for Copyright for an Information Age, Pamela Samuelson (100 Michigan L. Review, 2002)
Can Copyright Be Saved?: New ideas to make intellectual property work in the digital age Ethan Smith (Wall Street Journal, January, 2004)
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