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news in the world of napsterization

The Looming Threat of Piracy: How Publishers Are Losing More Than Half a Billion Bucks Overseas While Keeping Quiet at Home, Rachel Deahl (The Book Standard, 7/16/05)
Movie channels tiptoe onto the Web, Emily Church (MarketWatch, 7/08/05)
TV faces torrent of abuse from online pirates (informitv news, 2/21/05)
Digital Rights: Give Peace a Chance: The TiVo squabble shows that some Hollywood types don't appreciate the need to balance copyright and consumers' rights, By CLiff Edwards and Cathy Yang (Business Week, 8/3/04)
Digital Rights Management for Interoperable Mobile Services How the Open Mobile Alliance enables increased revenues for handset vendors and mobile operators, By Willms Buhse (Wireless Business and Technology 10/6/04)
Three Minutes With Rob Glaser: RealNetworks' exec talks about competing with Apple ITunes and why the movie industry may face another Napster, By Scott Woolley (IDG News Service 1/16/04)
The Big Squeeze: The Napsterization of Hollywood, Joris Evers (Forbes, 1/12/04)
RealNetworks and IBM link up software (to prevent the "Napsterization" of video content) Seattle Post-Intelligencer Staff And News Services (January 10, 2004)
Will the Film Industry Face a New Napster? Movie companies must embrace the Internet, RealNetworks exec warns. Joris Evers (IDG News Service Friday, January 09, 2004)
Is Los Angeles the Next Manaus?, John Pinkerton (TechCentralStation, 12/31/03)
Reshaping the Supply Chains & The Virtual Hand: The Napsterization of the Supply Chain (Rand Corporation, 12/23/03; also see Morris Cohen, Wharton in this audio version)
Napster Runs for President in '04, Frank Rich (NYTimes, 12/21/03)
Waiting for the Phone to Bark: The Napsterization of Ring Tones, By Daniel Terdiman (Wired, 12/11/03)
IT Careers Caught in a Cross-Current: The Napsterization of Tech Work, Sharon Gaudin (Datamation, 11/10/03)
The "Napsterization" of the Music Biz, Graeme Bennett (PC Buyer's Guide, 5/23/02, orig: 1/18/01)
Cover Story: High Revolution TV, The high stakes fight over the 'Napsterization' of television., Loren Stein (Metro Active, 4/4/02)
The Napsterization of TV: The television industry is running scared, (see also /.) Hiawatha Bray (Boston Globe, 2/4/02)
"Napsterization" of Video? Steal This Song, Opinion by Charlie White, Senior Producer (Digital Media Net, 6/6/01)
The "Napsterization" of the mutual fund industry: Interview with Jim Atkinson, MAXfunds Bill Martin (eFinance Insider, 5/31/01)
Is Honor Up for Grabs? Education Isn't About Surveillance (The Napsterization of Knowledge) Robert S. Boynton (Washington Post, 5/21/01)
DVD trial: "Napsterization" of Hollywood? Jim Hu, Lisa M. Bowman (c|net, 5/1/01)
This Year's Model: the Napsterization of supply chains While independent exchanges are stalling, industry-led trading hubs are gaining in popularity. Here's what we found when we examined E-marketplaces in four industries: metal, chemicals, paper, and energy. Tim Reason (CFO.com, April 15, 2001)
AssignmentEditor.com to end the "Napsterization" of Amateur News Video, (Assignment Editor, 3/01)
IBM Heads Toward Napsterization? Michael Bartlett (Newsbytes News Network, 1/22/01)
Analysis: Hollywood braces for 'Napsterization' Laura Rich (Industry Standard via CNN, 1/10/01)
Annual Forum Report: The Now Economy, Learning from the Past and the Future: the "Napsterization" of value propositions in a variety of industries from advertising (Craigslist) to television (Tivo) Eamonn Kelly (Global Business Network, 1/01)
The Napsterization of B2B Andrew McAfee (abstract of Harvard Business Review, Nov/Dec 2000)
Napsterization will mean boon times for musicians at every Ramada Inn, Bob Metcalfe (Infoworld, 8/21/00)
Analysis: Napsterization: Music was just the beginning Laura Rich, Hane Lee (Industry Standard via CNN, 7/19/00)
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